Monday, February 2, 2015

Aloha Monday Photo 2/2/14 Holua Slide

Aloha and A Happy Monday!

Here is your Aloha Monday Photo!

Hawaii has so very much open and empty land that as I fly above it I often look down and see things few others before me have seen from the sky above.

I was flying over the barren southern coast of Hawaii Island last week and spotted something along the shoreline that made me circle back and take a closer look.


As I spun down closer I saw what looked to me to be something I knew of, but had never seen except for the one widely known in Keauhou Bay...A Holua Slide!

A Holua Slide was an ancient Hawaiian rock slide course racing downhill to the sea. This extremely dangerous toboggan like activity was restricted to the Alii class of men, the nobility of ancient Hawaii.



I spotted this Holua Slide along a barren section of the South Kona coast, there was no other human presence for twenty-five miles in any direction. Who had built this massive slide? When? I have no idea and don't believe I'll ever know.

Here I was flying above an unknown, to most anyone, stone Holua Slide built 500, 1,000, 1,500? years ago, in my Cherokee 26Mike in 2015. Amazing!

Mahalo to you all for allowing me to share with you the view from my office window on this first Monday of February 2015. 

How's the view from your office window this morning?

Mahalo, Brian

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