Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ironman 2012

I took off in the dim light of pre-sunrise Kona enroute to Kailua Bay to watch the start of the 2012 Ironman race.  I arrived over the bay just before the gun sounded to release the 1,500 swimmers for their two mile swim in the warm Hawaii waters. I managed to fly myself into a great posit to capture the anxious moments before the race began and after the sea seemed to boil as they all took off full speed for the buoy a mile distant.

After the swimmers were well on their way I turned south and made my way to the most southerly point of land in the United States, Kalae, also known as South Point. I had to photograph a parcel of land atop the pali (cliff) at Kahuku Ranch as well as the beach at Waiahukini Bay.

The clouds began to move over from the ocean beyond Kalae so my work was done at this most southerly place and I throttled up, pulled back and headed for the western slopes of Mauna Loa back to Kona and home. It was a good morning to be an aerial photographer in Hawaii!

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