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September 2012 Hawaiian Images Aerial Photography Newsletter

Hawaiian Images Aerial Photography Newsletter
September 2012Issue No. Four

True Vertical Photography
 Now Available From Hawaiian Images!
West Hi Concrete vert

We have upgraded our aircraft with a new camera mount allowing us to now offer our clients throughout Hawaii true vertical aerial photography.

KK Vert

Here you see the entire downtown of Kailua Kona as seen from twothousand five hundred feet above. The actual image is over    three gigabytes in size made up of 76 high resolution  photos 
stitched together to create one beautiful image! The detail it 
provides allows you to zoom down from above to see incredible details of the entire Kailua Village.
kohanaiki vert
This is a great tool for developers and constructors building projects
 in Hawaii. We can shoot new vertical mosaics monthly so that you 
can see exactly what progress is being made and where changes
 need to be made.
We can fly anywhere in the State of Hawaii to capture your resort, town or development and create a wonderful detailed true vertical image for you. Call Brian today to discuss when you would like us to get started on your aerial image!

Aloha ,

I was returning from an afternoon photo shoot. As I came back to Kona I saw that Hualalai Mountain above Kailua Kona was crystal clear, free of vog or clouds. I circled the Mountain taking photos of some of the incredibly rugged and empty terrain that make up the back side of the summit.


 Here you see the west slope of Hualalai just before
  a beautiful Kona Sunset.

Please give me a call if you would like me to go take some wonderful photos or video of these natural wonders for you.

Brian Powers
Hawaiian Images Photography & Video

A Look At Waipio Valley From Above

 May Photo Gallery 

          Me at the controls

Anaehoomalu to Kohala
Mauna Lani to Kukio

Seasmoke Sailin'
     Anaehoomalu Beach
Let us know if you have any questions about an aerial photography subject and we will answer it here in the monthly newsletter!

If you know someone who you think might be interested in aerial photography or photography in general please send them this e-mail and tell them to send me note so I can include them on next month's newsletter.

Thanks!  Brian Powers

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