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May 2012 Aerial Photo Newsletter

Hawaiian Images Aerial Photography Newsletter
May 2012Issue No. Three
The Cliffs of Molokai

Aloha ,

The location of the world's highest sea cliffs is the north shore of the island of Molokai. The Guinness record book claims the over ten mile long massive wall of cliffs at Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii, at 3,030 feet high!

Few people ever get to see this incredibly beautiful wall of rock rising from the sea reaching straight up into the clouds above. You must either find a boat and a captain willing to sail you along the dangerous coast or find a pilot willing to fly you there. I am blessed to have both sailed the north shore of Molokai with friends and flown myself along the cliffs in my own plane.

One of my fondest flying memories was a trip I made from Honolulu back home to Kona in the late 1970's. The plane I was flying was a Grumman Tiger which had the unique ability to slide the plastic canopy open in flight. I can still see myself at 21 years old drifting close beside the cliffs at 1,000 feet with my arm resting on the window sill as if I were driving a car and gazing out at the massive green cliffs rising 2,000 feet above me and a thousand feet dropping below my wing!

Here are some photos of a recent flight I made along the same coast over thirty years later.

If you ever get a call from someone asking if you'd like to go take a look at the Cliffs of Molokai, don't even think about it , just say "Yes!'

Please give me a call if you would like me to go take some wonderful photos or video of these natural wonders for you.

Brian Powers
Hawaiian Images Photography & Video

 May Photo Gallery 

          Me at the controls

 Hulihee Palace

767 Over Maui

 Kealakekua Bay
Hualalai Resort
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Thanks!  Brian Powers

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 Magic Sands Canvas

This months aerial art photo for sale is a beautiful shot of Magic Sands Beach in Kona as the first surf of the season sucks the sand from the beach, in effect capturing the "Magic" of Magic Sands as it happens!

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